Solenidu magnetic field with the flow


This experiment demonstrates the magnetic field coil with a long stream - solenoid.

Educational phase: motivation


Required aids+

  • Model solenoid
  • metal filings
  • battery
  • switch
  • connecting wires.


Experiment instructions+

E117_S001 We will engage the model through the solenoid switch to the battery.
E117_S002 Switch closes and we begin to model strewing metal filings.
E117_S003 Begin to discover the magnetic induction lines.
E117_S004 After sprinkling the entire model can be observed magnetic field inside the solenoid.


The coil wire is twisted into threads. Magnetic fields from individual coils are made and inside the coil creates a magnetic field that is homogeneous and has a coil axis direction. The field is homogeneous the better the coil is longer.

Experiment video+

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Physical interpretation+

The direction of magnetic field lines thread or coil is determined Ampérovým right-hand rule: We take a coil in the hand so that the bent fingers pointing direction of the current in the coil. Deflected the thumb indicates the direction of field lines inside the spool.

This experiment demonstrates the magnetic field coil with a long stream - solenoid.
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