Paperclip motor


Instructions to build a simple electric motor of the equipment commonly available in every household.
This experiment demonstrates the principle of a simplified design of the electric motor.

Educational phase: motiovation, application


Required aids+

  • ferrite or neodymium magnet
  • two paper clips
  • insulated enameled copper wire
  • alkohol marker
  • battery type AA


Experiment instructions+

E095_S001 Rewind from 10 to 15 coils of the copper wire, the ends of wire form into a longitudinal axes. Then with alcohol marker izolate the end (the end of each in the opposite site).
E095_S002 Paperclip to attach the end of the battery poles and push forefinger and thumb. Then insert the coil between the seconds end of paperclips.
E095_S003 Get motor close to magnet.
E095_S004 Motor starts to rotate.


Passing a current through the coil creates a magnetic field around the coil, which consists with a magnetic field of magnet. Action of this resultant force is half-rotation of the coil. Insulated ends of the coil axes provide closing and opening the circuit and the coil is in constant motion.

Experiment video+

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Coil resistance is very small, you should not let the motor in continuous operation, there would be an early discharge of the battery.
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