Electromotor DC


The electric motor converts electricity into mechanical energy. In most cases, work on electromagnetic principle. Since, the experiment demonstrates a DC electric motor.

Educational phase: expozition, fixation


Required aids+

  • DC electric motor
  • power supply or batteries
  • wires
  • switch.


Experiment schema+


Experiment instructions+

E107_S001 Connect utilities to the circuit as shown.
E107_S002 Closes switch.
E107_S003 The engine begins to rotate.

Experiment video+

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Physical interpretation+

The simplest DC motor has a stator comprising a permanent magnet rotating armature in the form of an electromagnet with two poles. Rotary switch called a commutator changes the direction of electric current and the polarity of the magnetic field passing through the armature twice during each rotation. This ensures that the force acting on the rotor poles still has the same direction. At the moment of switching the polarity of the motor keeps running in the right direction inertia.

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