Electromagnetic Induction


Electromagnetic induction is the phenomenon that occurs in a changing magnetic field. Non-stationary magnetic field is the cause of non-stationary electric field.

Educational phase: fixation


Required aids+

  • coil from copper wire
  • ferrite or neodymium magnet
  • a multimeter (voltmeter)
  • two wires
  • crocodile clips.


Experiment instructions+

E098_S001 Connect the coil to the mutlimeter and on them set the DC voltage measurements in the mV.
E098_S002 When zoom in and then lay the magnet on the coil, deviation is observed on a voltmeter.
E098_S003 A magnet located on the coil does not move, so on the voltmeter we can not observe any deviation.
E098_S004 As you zoom out and then remove the magnet from the coil voltmeter, deviation is observed on a voltmeter, but with opposite polarity.


If the wires near the changing magnetic field, there is (is induced) on the ends of the closed-circuit voltage and current will pass. The size of the induced voltage at the ends of wires, such as a coil depends on the nature of changes in the magnetic field.

Experiment video+

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