on our webiste dedicated to experiments in physics.

This site contains multimedia-processed physics experiments for teachers to useit in classes, students the homework, the general public or just to pass the time.

All these experiments, we have personally shot for you. Experiments are divided into categories corresponding to various thematic units of physics for secondary schools high school (Prometheus: Fyzika pro gymnázia).

Each experiment contains a simple schema for entry into a workbook, a list of devices, exemplified by the detailed design process, itself video design experiment, an attempt to explain and in some cases, more advanced physical interpretation or practical use.

This webiste was originally emerged as a attachment to the diploma thesis Multimedia Application for Physics Teaching - Electronic Support of Experiments at the Department of Physics at Faculty of Education at Masaryk University in Brno, but now it is a collective of artists still extended and supplemented by new and interesting experiments.


Have fun viewing our experiments wishes

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Lorentz Force - Homopolar motor (wire)

At Christmas 1821, Michael Faraday, British chemist and physicist invented the very interesting and also very simple DC rotary engine, called homopolar. This experiment demonstrates variant with wire.

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